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Strombaject Aqua Balkan Pharmaceuticals Review Strombaject Aqua has a pronounced anabolic effect with fewer masculinizing side effects than other synthetic anabolic steroids. Strombaject Aqua is used in stimulating appetite and increasing weight gain,strength,and vigor. It should be used as a part of an overall program with other supportive and nutritional therapies. Strombaject Aqua substance Stanozolol,commonly sold under the name Winstrol (oral) and Winstrol Depot (intra-muscular),is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone,and has been approved by the FDA for human use. Strombaject Aqua has been demonstrated to be successful in treating anaemia and hereditary angioedema. This drug by Balkan Pharmaceuticals improves muscle growth,red blood cell production,increase bone density and stimulate the appetite. Strombaject Aqua Side Effects Strombaject Aqua is a popular anabolic steroid,unlike most injectable steroids,Strombaject Aqua is not esterified and is sold as an aqueous suspension. The drug has a large oral bioavailability which allows the hormone to survive first pass liver metabolism when ingested. Because of this Stanozolol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is also sold in tablet form as Strombafort 10. Strombaject Aqua Stacking Strombaject Aqua is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a cutting cycle,to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose. From this reason it is a popular drug for cutting in a stack with Primobol or Parabolan. Strombaject Aqua,used in bodybuilding,is often stacked with testosterone-based anabolic steroids such as Testosterona C,Testosterona E,Testosterona P. Strombaject Aqua is liked by many due to the fact it causes strength increases without excess weight-gain,promotes increases in vascularity,and will not convert to estrogen. Strombaject Aqua also does not cause excess water retention,and even sometimes is thought to have a diuretic effect on the body. When stacked with Testosterona C,Testosterona P,Strombaject Aqua can be very effective for a size and strength gain. Women use the Strombaject Aqua drug quite often,but it can cause virilising effects for some women even at low dosages. Most of the muscle gains made while taking the Strombaject Aqua are retained after the drug is discontinued. Strombaject Aqua Dosage Strombaject Aqua is presented as a 50 mg/ml ampoule. Dosages range from 3 to 5 cc’s per week for men,1 to 2 cc’s for women. A daily dosage can be 25-100 mg,with optimal results seen at 50 mg. It is reduced to micrometer particles in aqueous suspension and does not have a typical elimination half-life. Authentic Strombaject Aqua can easily be seen,because it will separate in its container if left undisturbed for a number of hours (the micronized crystal will fall to the bottom,and the water suspension will rise to the top). It has a white,milky colour.