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For those who are involved in sports to increase muscle strength will be an excellent assistant mild drug oxandrolone, reviews of which is quite positive. In order to avoid side reactions, simply means correctly receive it, although a set of muscle mass it is not suitable, unless in high dosages. With oxandrolone unable to treat many serious diseases, among them HIV. Even children and women showed the drug.


This steroid perfectly burns fat. With it is possible to increase the level of growth hormone. In addition, while taking oxandrolone increased power rates, which is important for athletes. The main effect is to increase the hardness of muscle. While taking anabolic drawn relief.

Combined the drug

As a result, oxandrolone course other means it becomes possible to obtain excellent results without side effects. Do not be sluggish erection, low libido, and toxic poisoning of the liver, too, is not observed, if it is correct to pass the course. Oxandrolone combination with other drugs leads to impressive results in drawing the relief. Optimal Ensemble can be considered a combination of funds from the Sustanon and Testosterone. The same applies to Primobolan.

Oxandrolone Course

In order to achieve the maximum effect of anabolic steroids, when combined with other drugs should be taken oxandrolone no more than forty milligrams per day. Thanks to the combined rate manages to make an impressive relief of muscle. In addition, thus actually increase muscle mass, which can not be achieved through the course solo. Observe special diet – such obazom becomes possible to speed up muscle gain. In addition to the basic diet add to the menu set of sports nutrition.

 When the drug is contraindicated?

In the case of hypersensitivity to the tool, you can not take oxandrolone. The same applies to tumors and ischemic heart disease. The list is not complete, if not add the expressed arteriosclerosis and hepatic and renal failure. When prostate acute or chronic oxandrolone use is prohibited. The same applies to the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Oxandrolone, the price of which is quite acceptable, you can always buy from a retailer. With the help of this drug treated children and women, it is perfectly “bodibildersham.” In combination with Deca or steroid methandrostenolone This leads to a qualitative growth of muscle tissue. Before the competition, many athletes use it, because it does not retain water, muscles after receiving such funds are beautiful. And it is a great tool to get rid of body fat. To do this, the drug should be taken in the ensemble with clenbuterol.

It is very important that oxandrolone does not increase blood pressure, because it does not accumulate water. This does not preclude the anabolic formation of testosterone by the body.